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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy & Hypno Gastric Band

"I've been on and off diets all my life!!!!! been on every fad diet and been to every slimming club. I lose weight but can't keep it off long term, I'm DESPERATE"


Sound familiar? This is typically what a client confides when they enquire about weight loss.

It has been acknowledged as long ago as the 1980's, after the publication of a study of 460 clinical trials called "The benefits of psychotherapy" that Hypnotherapy combined with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy proved the most successful of all therapies, allowing clients to lose up to double their normal weight loss and more importantly maintaining the weight loss for a longer period (life).

Hypnotherapists have been helping clients to lose weight for many many years based on this principal.

So what actually is the Hypno Gastric Band Hypnosis?

The Hypno Gastric Band is a twist on traditional Hypnotherapy Weight Loss. It's the same proven therapy but including a crucial bonus, making the client believe their stomach is smaller, therefore eating less by allowing the client to experience the whole Gastric Band fitting process in the powerful state of Hypnosis, where its safe, painless and a positive experience.   

On a conscious and subconscious level you will know that you have not undergone physical surgery, but somehow the subconscious mind holds onto something from the therapy that changes the way you act around food. You know your stomach is not really physically smaller, but when you eat a meal you somehow can "feel" it is smaller and you don't have the desire to eat as much as you once did, controlling your calorie intake and therefore helping you losing weight.

How is the Hypno Gastric Band delivered?

To make this believable, we have to go through the whole procedure that you would need to go through if you were undergoing real Gastric Band surgery. These include several consultations with doctors, nurses and dieticians prior to surgery, the operation itself, then the follow up consultations. Weight loss should start from the very first session. Each session 3 weeks apart.

The 3 sessions to successfully delivery the Hypno Gastric Band that mimic the real life gastric band are:-

Session 1 (2 hours) £100

Preparing for Hypno Gastric Band surgery During this section you imagine meeting with doctors, nurses and dieticians, with direct specific suggestions made to your deep subconscious. You will feel as if you have been through the initial steps of the real life process.  

Session 2 (1 hour) £55

Gastric Band operation You need to visualize the actual Gastric Band operation. This session takes you through the stages of the day. You wake up feeling refreshed and looking forward to the operation that you have waited so long for. You arrive at the hospital and are shown to your room where you change into your surgical gown. You are visited by nurses, the anaesthetist and your surgeon who reassure you about the procedure. The theatre staff will take you down to theatre, where you are anesthetised and the surgery is successfully completed without any complications. You awaken back in your room, feeling relieved the operation has at last been completed and that you are feeling ok. After a few hours observation you are allowed to go home.

Session 3 (1 hour) £55

Tweaking the band During the Gastric Band Surgery the band is not inflated straight away to allow the stomach to adjust to the initial band being fitted. Some weeks later an out-patient appoint is where the nurse injects fluid into the band so to tighten it to further reduce the capacity of the stomach. During this session, your mind will be programmed to allow you to adjust the capacity of the band at will (unlike the real band which will require a nurse to make adjustment). This means if you are going out for a special event, then you may want to eat a little more than normal, then after you can adjust the band back to only allowing you to eat small meals. This is a feature of the Hypno Gastric Band you physically cannot achieve with the real life Gastric Band.